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Professional Design & Installation Services

Get your venue noise compliant with a complete, in depth Acoustic Report by one of our highly skilled Acoustic Engineers at LivewireAV.

If you are looking to renew your liquor license, deal with noise complaints or license a new venue you will need to comply with your local councils assessment criteria concerning the "Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012" and how it applies to the amenity and good order of your community.

Acoustic Engineers

Livewire has been in the industry almost 30 years and the combined creativity, knowledge and expertise of our team is unsurpassed


We are Experts in Audio Visual

Noise Testing

Livewire utilise the latest noise testing equipment to ensure maximum noise level accuracy in accordance with your regions Alcohol licensing policies

AV Installers

LivewireAV is also an audio visual and infrastructure installer. We cater to stadiums, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, schools, houses of worship, VIP homes and super-yachts.


Comprehensive noise level analysis for your venue

LivewireAV conduct Acoustic Plans for all types of venues nationally and internationally. We know Audio inside and out, we don't just test Acoustics, we design, build, produce and configure Audio Visual equipment so we understand how to analyse, manage and plan for noise.


When you request an Acoustic Plan one of our experienced team will arrive at your site to fully review your current AV systems. This includes creating a floor plan for the placement of speakers / sub-woofers on the premises, the configuration of your AV components and the existing sound deadening measures that have already been put in place.


Once we have a good understanding of your noise sources we can calculate the ideal positions to measure sound levels inside and outside your premises, in accordance with any council mandated local alcohol licensing policies.


After your results have been analysed we will deliver you a detailed Acoustic Report to provide to the district licensing boards inspector. This report will also include recommendations from our engineer to upgrade or limit noise pollution from your venue if you choose to do so.


If your premises is not up to regulations we can provide additional services to limit and manage your noise levels.


So why are you waiting? Call us today on 0800-447-668 and get complied!


Complete sound system review

Building sound proofing and insulation check

Interior venue noise level measurements

Exterior venue noise level measurements

Tested based on your local ALP

Detailed Acoustic Plan and management recommendations


Liquor Licensing Changes

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act was passed in December 2012, and has replaced the Sale of Liquor Act 1989. Councils are now required (as of December 2013) to implement alcohol licensing laws and they can also develop their own local alcohol policy (LAPs) for their region which will be able to:

  • limit the location of on, off- and club licensed premises in particular broad areas or near certain types of premises or facilities

  • limit further on, off- or club licences in a particular area

  • restrict or extend the maximum trading hours set in the Act (see below)

  • recommend discretionary conditions on licences or groups of licences

  • impose ‘one-way door’ restrictions that would allow patrons to leave licensed premises but not enter or re-enter during specified times.

Regional Councils with an established District Licensing Committee (DLC) consider, grant or renew applications for licences and manager’s certificates based on the regions local alcohol policy. The criteria for the issuing of a license varies but is based on sections 105 & 106 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

Amenity and Good Order

District Licensing Committees when reviewing your application, consider the effects of your licensing on the amenity and good order of your locality. This includes current and future noise levels of your venue, objections from nearby locals and any noise complaints you may have already received. 

You will need an understanding of the level of noise your business produces and have a plan in place to manage the effects. Some applications will require you to identify what type of entertainment you will be providing, what soundproofing has been undertaken and if you have a noise management plan in place. Soundproofing areas of your business will add weight to your application, as well as having a noise management plan or an acoustic report.


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