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Professional Design & Installation Services

A dedicated sound/lighting/audio visual system and infrastructure installer, catering to stadiums, hotels, resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, schools, houses of worship, VIP homes and super-yachts. 

Taking advantage of international brands or our own in-house customised high-end audio equipment, Groove Group leads the world with innovations and methods to create the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. Bespoke A/V services are our specialty.


For almost 30 years, Livewire has specialised in high-end audio-visual installation of Nightclubs and Bars, with hundreds of venues throughout Australasia and the world boasting the best systems money can buy. Full customisation is a specialty, as well as the deepest sound available for the biggest super-clubs.


From infrastructure to final termination, Livewire are world leaders in sporting venue installation including Stadia, indoor/outdoor arenas and extreme sporting venues. Our systems cater for all sporting codes and can be tailored for specific requirements and regulations.


With complex matrix and paging requirements, Commercial buildings offer specific challenges - playing into Livewire's strengths in streamlining systems, bulk hardware and software creation. Clients include office buildings, corporate spaces, commercial and retail outlets


Livewire prides itself on high-end VIP residence installations, with owners typically demanding discretion, value for money and absolute quality assurance. We employ specialist engineers and installers to ensure full compliance and customer satisfaction.


A niche market, restaurant installations require crisp, clear sound with excellent coverage, as well as simple controls for staff and management. Livewire tailor systems specific to the hospitality industry then integrate these seamlessly into each property.


Livewire has designed and installed numerous Resorts and Hotels, using skills developed within all other areas of AV installations. Conference centres, bars, restaurants, outdoor areas, pools, ceremonial centres, aquariums, guest rooms, suites, clubs and many other elements make up these complex installations.

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